How To Prepare a Super Bowl Party!

Top 7 Checklist for Throwing an Epic Super Bowl Party

So, you want to throw the Super Bowl of Super Bowl parties, huh? We’ve all been there. Nothing makes you the toast of the town quite like an epic Super Bowl party does.
Super Bowl LI might be taking place in Houston, but you can make your party almost as good as being there, by following these simple instructions.
As the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots take the field, this is what you’re going to want to do to prepare for your legendary party.

Don’t Skimp on Game Day Food 
This is the most obvious thing you can do to make your party epic, but every year millions of people mess it up.
The Super Bowl only happens once a year, so don’t skimp out. You’re trying to have the best party ever, so naturally, you’re going to need some amazing food.
If take-out food won’t cut it, try giving your guests game day favorites like wings, sliders, potato skins and more.


Ban the Kids
It’s a little-known fact that people will inevitably have to bring their kids to your party. It’s hard to get a sitter on a day when everyone is partying. (It’s also hard to get a sitter if nobody likes your kids, but that’s another story.) So, you can imagine that the kids at your party are going to need some entertainment to keep them out of the way of the Bowl watchers.
Kids do not have the attention span for drawn out sporting events, particularly those that cut to commercial every 90 seconds. Make sure there’s a separate room where the kids can play. Preferably a block or two down the street. And make sure they have their own snacks, because “grubby fingers” shouldn’t be an ingredient in the snacks the grown-ups are munching on.


Clean Up and Rearrange 
Even if it’s a totally informal gathering, your house needs to be clean and spruced up. It’s a matter of your pride in your home and a sign of respect to all those you invite over. Calling people to an untidy home shows that you are taking them for granted.
Arrange the furniture so that everyone has comfortable access to the TV. If need be, borrow extra chairs from friends and neighbors. Your guests will have a lot of cold weather gear with them so designate a place where it will be kept and try and organize it for easy retrieval when the party is over.
Make sure you have plenty of paper towels around and enough supplies in the bathroom. Once your guests leave, it will be late, you will need to sleep off all that food and beer and you must work in the morning. This is the time you call a professional house cleaner to come in the next morning and clean it for you.
Don’t Ignore the Prop Bets

Prop bets are one of the best parts of the Super Bowl. It keeps every aspect of the four-hour event entertaining.
Hate to watch the halftime show? Not if you bet on how many times Lady Gaga will screw up. Hate to watch the postgame ceremony? Not if you bet on who the MVP and coach thank first. You can make small bets on literally anything.


Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best When It Comes to the TV
First and foremost, it is very important that everyone at your Super Bowl party can watch the Super Bowl. While this may seem obvious, remember they aren’t coming over to check out your collection of Hummel figurines. The average Super Bowl party has 17 people. This makes viewing difficult. We suggest having more than one TV set showing the game. Just make sure the TVs aren’t out of sync. If one set is slightly ahead of the other because of a lag in your digital receiver, the people in the back room who will hear everyone in the front room cheering before the play is finished. And that’s a serious Super Bowl party foul.


DON’T just serve cheap beer.
You definitely want to have SOME cheap beer — it’s only appropriate for the occasion — but you also want the guests who aren’t sports-bar types to feel comfortable. Have some microbrews and wine. Themed cocktails are always a delight so long as you don’t go overboard.

Get Rowdy and Invite Everyone!
This isn’t a formal dinner party, so don’t limit your guest list: It’s the Super Bowl. It’s meant to be rowdy. Your goal should be to get a noise complaint from your cranky neighbor. Anyone you like hanging out with who’s remotely interested in football, free food, or free-flowing booze is invited. Period.
If those rowdy football friends make a mess and don’t help clean up, call Atlanta Eco Cleaners to help! We have an after Super Bowl Special for $99 to clean up your Super Bowl mess!

Go For The Eco-friendly and Non-toxic House Cleaning Company

You might ask about cleaning companies that boost of being eco-friendly and non-toxic. Well, these are standards that companies acquired from authorities in order to add more glamour or credibility that also boost reputation and revenue.House Cleaning Atlanta


Companies also acquire these standards and qualifications based on their performance ratings and other factors. You cannot just acquire these standards for nothing. Like if your company acquired the ISO certification, then you must be a

company of international standards. So, you become proud and have to announce this good news to clients and future customers. In fact, corporate companies that receive ISO certifications and other standards usually advertise this good news in radios, televisions and broadsheets to boost their companies for receiving such international standards.


What is an eco-friendly company?


A company which has the title of being an eco-friendly has achieved a status or qualification. It means the company is adhering to the campaigns of the local or national government to respect nature, to love trees, to love the environment – and being such, they will always consider planting trees and related stuffs in order to keep green and love the environment, and they would not do things that would harm the environment, or the eco-systems, for that matter.


Companies that label themselves as eco-friendly are companies that people should patronize because they care for the environment and they would exercise their business without giving any harm to mother nature.


If you choose this company then you are assured of safety and convenience of not being victimized by unscrupulous companies posing as eco-friendly, yet they are using harmful products or services that harm the environment.


What is a non-toxic cleaning company?


A non-toxic company is a company which has achieved a certain standard or qualifications from authorities. This means said company does not use chemicals or toxic substance that could hurt people or ruin the environment.


A non-toxic cleaning company, then, is company that has also achieved the same status because of outstanding performance. This means said company does not use toxic substance that might be harmful to their consumers. They are not using products that can give threat to the environment. The services that they provide are safe for the people and the environment. So, you don’t need to worry about these companies having the label of non-toxic. They are safe and you would not be harmed.


So if you are planning to hire the services of a cleaning company, make sure that they have this label as non-toxic or eco-friendly company. In this way, you will be guided that you have transacted business to the most reliable and dependable eco-friendly and non-toxic company. Remember that being cautious all the time will make you aware of any threat or dangers of being victimized by unscrupulous individuals. Be smart and knowledgeable!

Eco-friendly cleaning products for your household

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Atlanta
A big step towards a healthy lifestyle is choosing eco-friendly cleaning products for your household. By removing toxic detergents from your place you are sure to sleep better, worry less and concentrate easily. If you want to reduce the poisonous burden on the environment and provide yourself and your family with clean and fresh air to breathe inside your home, check out these tips, choose what you need and see the immediate results on your life.
Many people keep hazardous cleaning products in the cupboard under their kitchen sinks. You can read labels stating “danger” and “warning” on most of them, from powdered products to cockroach sprays. It would be a great idea to replace these poisonous supplies with safe ones, made in your home, to ensure cleaner air and safer environment for yourself and your children. Still, if you want to keep at least some of those products, make sure you keep them in a locked cupboard somewhere higher above the ground to prevent accidents from occurring. Always read thoroughly the labels to make sure you use them safely and correctly. Do not pour dangerous materials down the drain or throw them in the garbage cans. They are sure to cause problems in the waste stream. Try choosing biodegradable substitutes for the toxic detergents. Solutions of baking soda, salt, vinegar and/or lemon are not only safe, but sometimes do a better job than ammonia, bleach and other poisonous liquids. They do not damage the skin, eyes and your whole system if swallowed or accidentally spilled and it is highly unlikely that they will increase any allergies. In addition, using them saves you money and time. Moreover, you should avoid using paper towels and use cloth rags (made of old clothes for example). Avoid nonrenewable resources. If your water is hard, use a detergent instead of soap. Eco-Friendly Cleaning AtlantaDo not waste water, preserve it. Avoid mopping when you could use a broom, put a rug at the door to gather dirt to avoid washing the floor frequently. Try not to run it without using it or put a bucket under the tap to collect it for later use. It would be a good idea to keep plants inside, as they are said to reduce air pollution and provide the place with more oxygen. Above all, use your senses to find out when things need to be cleaned and your experience to choose the best cleaning products for each thing.
Make a step towards an eco-friendly home today. Replace your poisonous cleaning products, preserve water and be responsible for the air you breathe. The results will be seen in no time and you will have made a contribution to the whole world.

Bio: Cindy Davis is dedicated blogger and housewife. She likes writing about home remodeling and household cleaning related topics. Therefore her present article treats eco-friendly house cleaning and maintenance theme. For more helpful tips and hints, visit:

Eco-friendly cleaning tips – how to have your home cleaned without the dangers of the modern detergents

Eco-Friendly cleaning Atlanta

With the spread of the nature-friendly lifestyle since the middle of the twentieth century, the literature on the topic has grown quite large. There are many aspects of this rediscovered way of living. One of them is cleaning. It is among the most important things, alongside eating, because we cannot live without it. Although we will be unable to cover this huge topic in just one article, we will try to present to you some clever, inexpensive and, above all, harmless to nature and to human beings cleaning techniques. The materials involved in each will be easy-to-get things, available at the local supermarket or grocery store.

Cleaning the house can be very boring and can take ages to be completed. Furthermore, even if you have not realized it, the usage of the most widespread cleaning detergents can cause damage to your health in the long run. So, the first advice towards a more eco-friendly way of living is to get rid of the detergents that you probably keep under your kitchen sink. Now we will give you the recipes for their substitutes.

It is very easy to prepare cleaning solutions and homemade detergents. The most popular ingredient vinegar. It can found literally in every grocery store or supermarket and there are many types of vinegar available on the market. Although they have different tastes, all of them have the same cleaning effect.
Our first tip will be about cleaning glass. There is plenty of glass in the house and there usually are at least several mirrors, which are often touched with bare hands and have nasty fingerprints on them. For the making of a cleaning detergent for the glass you will need nothing more than vinegar and water. Just mix ¼ cup of vinegar with half a liter of water and fill the substance into a spray bottle. Instead of a cotton cloth, use a microfiber cloth that enhances the clean and picks up dust and lint from the mirrors and windows.Eco Friendly Cleaning Atlanta

The bathroom tiles collect lots of dirt over time and the most dangerous thing about it is that it is unseen and you may not even realize it is there. Again, vinegar will be used for its removal. Mix 1 part of soda, 4 parts of water and 2 parts of vinegar in a pail and, using a mop or a rag, carefully clean the tiles and the joins between them. With regular cleaning of the bathroom you will save yourself the hard time of curing the parasitic fungi, which threaten your feet.

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Environmentally friendly cleaning is important

Enviromentally Friendly cleaning Atlanta 

Most people in the world are aware of the deteriorating nature of the environment. However, due to the way in which we tend to live our lives, it seems that no one is really that prepared to get on with anything that will get in the way of their day to day, even if it does mean helping to save the planet for future generations. You will find that by changing the way that you do things, you can cut out a lot of the harmful parts of your day to day, and therefore contribute a little towards getting the human race back on track. Unfortunately, it will take millions of people to be doing the same to have a greater impact, but if you don’t start, then who will?

Kicking the traits of lazy human beings into a system of action starts with the home, and cleaning is a great example of a ‘throwaway’ culture where humans refuse to work a little harder than they need to. Taking a look at the ways in which you clean, and the things that you could do to reduce the impact that they have on the environment will give you a great point from which to change the other harmful processes in your life. There are two main aspects to cleaning that make them bad for the planet. One is the matter of ‘throwing away’ things so regularly, and the other is the nature of the materials that you use in cleaning, from plastics to bleaches, and how they affect the planet.

For a start, how regularly do you throw away things that you clean with? Kitchen towels, used up sponges, J-cloths are all part of the regular cleaning utensils that people use to get their homes looking and feeling great. Cleaning is important, but it need not be done in such a wasteful manner. You will find that by reducing the amount that you throw away, the more that you save. Why not use flannels that are washable and reusable, rather than paper towels or sponges that have a three day life span? There is a huge amount of grease and gunk involved in cleaning, so it is no surprise that these cleaning products are chucked, as they cannot be cleaned themselves! If you want to be really resourceful, you could cut up old towels and clothes that would be thrown away, to make a variety of cleaning rags that can be washed in the machine over and over, reducing the production of papers and plastics, and also reducing the amount in landfill sites.Environmentally friendly cleaning Atlanta

Chemicals are a great strain on the earth. The harmful components of many household cleaners are as much a danger to your body as they are to the delicate eco systems that thrive on the water ways that you flush them in to. The increases in dangerous chemicals in streams can kill off whole food chains, upsetting the balances of life in the animals, fish, birds and insects that live in those areas. The demise of bees is predicted to have devastating effects on the human race, as they provide such an important part of the natural order of the planet, so what else are you killing every time you flush bleach down the toilet? Using more natural products like vinegar, lemon and baking soda can reduce the impact that the chemicals used in your house have on the environment. You will no doubt find that they are just as effective, and a lot cheaper than those in the supermarket as well!

For further helpful tips, visit:

Swarm of Flying House Cleaners coming to Atlanta

Is this what is next for house cleaners Atlanta?

house cleaning robot swarm

A fleet of flying robots which can clean your house have won an international design award.

The ‘Mab’ concept by Adrian Perez Zapata from Colombia imagines a swarm of “hundreds” of small bots which can scan a house, work out which areas need a clean and then wiping them with individual drops of water.

‘Mab’ aims to use the collective intelligence of natural swarms to produce an emergent intelligence capable of keeping your home spic-and-span.

It won this years Electrolux Design Lab competition, which saw 1700 submissions by students all over the world, with runners up including a form of ‘expanding wall’ which can filter air and a 3D printer capable of producing fresh food.

“I was in my university gardens when I observed the controlled flight of bees pollinating a flower, and how magical it is to see swarms of bees working together,” Perez Zapata said in a statement.”My concept Mab only requires a short initial configuration to function autonomously, so you could arrive home and see a swarm of mini-robots roaming around cleaning independently. This means you could sit back and relax, as you observe with great astonishment the little Mab ‘fairies’ working their magic autonomously.”



Stefano Marzano, Chief Design Officer at Electrolux and Head of Jury for the award said that the concept was an “innovative” challenge to established ideas.

“The Mab is an innovative concept which could be relevant to minimise the daily cleaning efforts of consumers as well as businesses, while maximizing the result,” he said.

The Cleaning Authority Atlanta

What does it mean to be the cleaning authority in your town?

Well, Atlanta Eco Cleaners have the idea.

What sets us apart as the cleaning authority from some of the top cleaning companies in Atlanta is the fact we can offer superior service as well as keep the price low and competitive for all income levels.


We all need a little help now and again to keep our house clean and a quality maid service can do that for you. But, you want to be making sure you are getting a good deal as there are literally hundreds of cleaning services in Atlanta to choose from.The Cleaning authority


Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. On one hand, you may assume that the top national cleaning companies such as Molly Maid, Merry maids, The maids etc. are the cleaning authority in your market, which is generally true as they have big marketing budgets to capture your eyeballs and money. But, they generally come at the most expensive cost.

If you can afford to pay upwards of $80/hour for cleaning, then, with their checks and balances, they should provide a satisfactory cleaning on a consistent basis.


On the other hand there are the individually owned maid services in Atlanta that don’t have the same training and staff policies as some of the national companies. That is not to say that they can’t be the cleaning authority as many of these companies have been in business for 10+ years serving their loyal group of clients. In fact, the majority of house cleaning Atlanta residents use are these locally owned cleaning services. They generally come with a lower price tag and if you find a good couple of maids you can develop a great working relationship as you will hardly ever have a change of personnel to clean your home. Finding locally owned cleaning companies at the right price though is generally a trial and error ordeal, needing to go through 4-5 house cleaning services until you find one you are satisfied with.

It takes a little more time, but if you need regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service, then it would be well worth your while to go through the hiring experience and save $20-30 per clean over some of the cleaning authority maid services Google spits back in the search engine results.

Should you pay more for Green Cleaning in Atlanta?


Green cleaning is making the headlines nationwide and many companies like to charge more and claim they use green cleaning practices in their maid services. But not all green is non-toxic, which is the most important element in green cleaning products and even though these products are more expensive, is it fair to charge you more for a healthier clean?

Well, here is an alarming statistic from a recent study from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons:

“Women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women working away from the home.”  A 15 year study concluded that it is directly linked to the toxic household chemicals in the home.

The National Research Council reports that “No toxic information is available for more than 80% of the chemicals in everyday use products.”  Not only do you not know what chemicals you’re exposing your family to, there isn’t a way to find out.


Scary thought isn’t it?


That’s why people are switching to green cleaning, but even some of the green cleaners are just as toxic as the others. (it doesn’t take much to get a “green” label on products as there are hardly any regulations in this field either.)


So, how do you know what is safe?


The answer….




That’s right, water is about as safe as you can get.

e-cloth microfiber technology



But, how are you going to kill the bacteria with just water?


That is where technology comes in with the production of top of the line microfiber cleaning cloths from E-Cloth that have been tested to show time and again that, with just water, they remove over 99% of the bacteria from your surfaces.

Microfiber technology picks up and traps the bacteria as well as grease and grime in the cloth and is easily rinsed away under hot water down the sink for the cloths to be used again.

In fact, E-cloth was awarded best cleaning products in three different categories by Real Simple Magazine including best all round cloth.

Microfiber cleaning products

E-cloth rated best all round cleaning cloths.


So, should green cleaning be MORE expensive if you can use less product and just water?


Answer, no!


Although there is an expense in buying quality cleaning cloths and supplies, there is a decrease in the amount of actual green cleaning product used, so at Atlanta Eco Cleaners we feel it is savings passed onto our customers and not an excuse to jack up our prices.

The Cleaning Authority


So, with all that said, being the cleaning authority comes down to offering 3 things.


Fair Price – we don’t charge as much as the national brand names as we don’t have the advertising overhead or use as much product as other cleaning companies.

Family owned – we are a family owner company which means we take pride in our business and make sure every house cleaning is done with care from a hand picked staff of trained cleaning professionals

Free – we are free from toxins and ultimately a real green cleaning company. Our microfiber cleaning cloths from E-cloth are the best on the market and make our cleaning services the most efficient and highest quality as well as the safest for you and our staff.


To schedule cleaning service with the cleaning authority Atlanta residents love, call (404) 793-7550


E-cloth Cleaning Products




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