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Check out our house cleaning prices below:



** 90% of our house cleanings fall between these prices. If there is a change in price assessment, we will call you before we clean.**

1 Bedroom price up to 1000sqft, max 3 man hours, then $45/hour

2 Bedroom price up to 2000sqft, max 4 man hours, then $45/hour

3 Bedroom price up to 3000sqft, max 5 man hours, then $45/hour

4 Bedroom price up to 4000sqft, max 6 man hours, then $45/hour

5 bedroom price up to 5000 sqft, max 7 man hours, then $45/hour

6 bedroom price up to 6000 sqft, max 8 man hours, then $45/hour


Excessive amounts of pet hair, cob webs, dishes, oven cleaning, toys and clothes can really slow down cleaning speed, so please do what you can to prepare for the cleaning team to do their best work. It can be done, but expect it to take longer and cost more. Thanks!

Call (404-793-7550) for a quote for larger homes.

Check out our Services page to see the difference in our Move in/out and Deep Clean Services.


*** Cancellation Policy***

Please be advised a credit card is required to hold an appointment and any cancellations within 24 hours will be charged full price.



 Searching for house cleaning prices in Atlanta?

If you are searching for house cleaning, then you know it can be a tough task to find the right company to provide quality service at an affordable price.

We wanted to know what our potential customers might go through when searching for house cleaning prices online.

We contacted 25 of the top cleaning companies according to Google search results and what we found was both enlightening and disturbing.

After 24 hours, of the 25 house cleaning companies we contacted only 9 had replied to our request for a price quote. Of those, 3 required an “in home” inspection.

After another 24 hours another 5 replied to bring the final number to 14 of 25 who actually replied to our request.

So, almost 50% of the cleaning companies we contacted didn’t even respond to our request for a quote.


Out of the 14 that did eventually respond, we had 10 price quotes and 4 needed an “in home” inspection before they would give a quote for house cleaning prices.


The prices we got for an average 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom home ranged widely with a difference of $266 between cheapest and most expensive.


Atlanta Eco Cleaners have priced their house cleaning prices competitively to be affordable without compromising quality.


General rule when it comes to house cleaning prices…”You get what you pay for!”

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