How To Remove Wax Build Up From Laminate Floors

If you an explanation of how to remove wax build up from laminate floors, then prepare yourself for a labor-intensive project down on your knees and on the laminate floorboards. Wax build up usually occurs when using improper cleaners for laminates, or using cleaners designed for hardwood floors, linoleum, or other products on laminate floorboards. Repeated use of these cleaning products cause a waxy residue build up in layers. The task of removing chemical residues becomes more difficult and time-consuming with each repeated use of an improper cleaner. Your task of removing built up wax layer is neither easy, nor quick—this is a labor-intensive cleaning project.

Some Suggestions on How to Remove Wax Build Up from Laminate Floors

Check with the manufacturer’s product materials and descriptions so that you will understand the specific type of laminate flooring you are installing in your home. The manufacturer will list recommended cleaning agents, and also How To Clean Laminate Floors thoroughly and effectively. Once you know what cleaning products you should use, it is time to get down on your floor and start your backbreaking task.

Many cleaning solutions are not appropriate for cleaning laminate floors and these products will leave waxy residues, soapy films, or noticeable streaking from cleaner residue once dry.

A few suggestions on how to remove wax build up from laminate floors include:

• Use the correct cleaning agents in the first place, so as not to have to remove waxy build up
• With a hair dryer, warm up small flooring sections; this makes the wax more pliable and you should be able to wipe off the layered wax (or at least the top layers)
• Continue warming the laminate boards and wipe wax away in one direction, preferably with the lay of the boards
• Many people use a windshield scraper to help remove wax layers; this may make the task easier, but be sure not to scratch the floorboard’s coating or scratch into the laminate
• Home-made cleaning solutions such as white vinegar diluted in warm water is usually effective
• Be sure to wash out your washcloths or rags frequently to remove wax on the cloth
• Always clean laminate boards in the direction that they lay; do not wipe across boards, as that push dirt and grime into any improperly sealed tongue-and-groove board seams
• Clean in one direction along the lay of the boards and do not use a back-and-forth motion as this just moves the wax around, instead of removing it
• Be careful using a lot of liquids, water, cleaners or solutions
• Scraping may remove floorboard sealant in the seams, thus allowing moisture penetration under down into the subfloor substrate, which can cause warping and other damage
• Dry the flooring as you remove the wax in order to avoid moisture penetration
• If you have trouble removing the wax, then try mineral spirits or diluted mineral spirits
• Although not recommended as they can strip the sealant, paint thinners and ammonia will usually remove all layers of wax (this is very likely to strip away sealants)—Source—How to Remove Wax Build Up from Laminate Floors on HowtoCleanStuff(dot)net

When cleaning laminate floors, use liquids and water very sparingly; and whenever possible, apply liquids to a washcloth or cleaning cloth, never directly on the laminate boards. Cleaning your wood laminate floors is labor-intensive, buy you should eventually remove the wax buildup. Of course, the best solution is to avoid the built up wax by using the proper cleaning agents.

Learn How to Clean and How to Remove Wax Build Up from Laminate Floors Before Your Installation

Great Western Flooring suggests that you take some time to learn about proper cleaning techniques; and learn how to remove wax build from laminate floors before you install laminate floors in your house. We sell a wide range of laminate flooring, new composites, and high-end residential laminates with different cleaning recommendations. Ask about the best cleaning solutions (or homemade solutions) to use for particular laminate brands, or cleaning products for tile, carpet, and flooring options besides laminates.

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