Method Cleaning Products

Method Cleaning Products

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products from Method.

     Method Cleaning Products are non-toxic and eco-friendly and have one thing above other green cleaning products…They SMELL GREAT!

Many other green cleaning products on the market have that one big draw back. They smell terrible and it makes you not want to use them.

Method cleaning products come in a variety of natural fragrances for whatever suits your home. In fact, some people like to choose what their home smells like from sampling our choice of Method cleaning products.



Atlanta Eco Cleaners are proud to say they use Method Cleaning Products as they are not only non-toxic and smell great, but they also work really well to clean up the grease and grime from your home.

We especially like the Mint window and mirror cleaner that naturally cleans without streaks.

The power of other citrus fruits goes to work on hard to clean places breaking up dirt and making it easy to wipe away.

They kill bacteria just like their toxic chemical counterparts and combined with our E-cloth Microfiber cleaning cloths offer an unparalleled clean.

E-cloth only really needs water to remove over 99% of bacteria from your surfaces, but we like to use a little Method Cleaning Products in our bottle to give it that extra cleaning power as well as add the pleasant smell which our customers compliment us on all the time.

One customer says, “My husband loves it. He loves cleaning day and coming home to that wonderful smell in the house.” 

Method has a variety of cleaning products from their all purpose cleaners to the more specialized bath and shower cleaner, window and mirror cleaner and different products for wood floors and floor surfaces.

They also have hand soap, a line of body soaps and gifts. They all come in unique shaped bottles that have a more decorative and stylish upscale feel.

Give them a try, I’m sure you will love them.

Method Cleaning Products can be found in most good supermarket stores as well as online at

Method Cleaning Products

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