Oven cleaning – how to clean an oven organically

While a lot of contemporary conventional ovens have internal lights that enhance visibility therein, we’re all too preoccupied by the prospect of what we’re about to eat to notice the grime on the sides of the oven, not to mention that which is hidden at the back and underneath the oven tray.oven cleaning atlanta
Indeed, during a typical kitchen cleaning session, oven cleaning is neglected because the mess doesn’t sit right before our eyes.
Take a torch and have a look inside your oven. Probe carefully and you will see all sorts of food grease and residue sat in obscure pockets. Because an oven is poorly ventilated, food marks and grease set twice as much as those on the kitchen wall above the stove. Heat retention also contributes to bacterial growth and odour despite regular cooking, of which some naively think is sufficient in suppressing bacteria. It isn’t, your oven needs a clean, but you can treat it with frugal and entirely organic means, like so:

Organic tool check list:

A tub of baking soda
A tablespoon
White wine vinegar
A double-sided sponge
A microfibre cloth
A empty spray bottle

Step 1 – Fill your spray bottle
Begin by filling the spray bottle with regular tap water.
Step 2 – Spray the inside of the oven
Make sure your oven is switched off before spraying the water around generously. It pays to give corners extra water treatment.
Step 3 – Prepare room to apply the baking soda
Your full tub of baking soda comes in handy here since you want to completely cover the very bottom of your oven, making the coating at least a quarter of an inch in thickness. Remove each of the trays in your oven first of all. Proceed to dip your tablespoon into the baking soda which you’d ideally have sitting very close. If not, be sure to transport tablespoons of baking soda by cupping your other hand under the spoon to prevent making a mess.
Step 4 – Apply the baking soda
Sprinkle tablespoons of baking soda gently onto the bottom of the oven until the whole area is covered in powder of roughly 1/4 in thickness. Kneel right down and tilt your sideways in order to determine just how much you’ve applied.
Step 5 – Sponge the baking soda around
Using the softer side of your double-sided sponge, run lukewarm tap water over the half before gently smearing the baking soda around with it. Make sure to cover the whole bottom area of the oven.
Step 6 – Turn oven on briefly
Turn the oven on for 5 minutes before switching it off and leaving the baking soda to sit overnight.
Step 7 – Finishing the job
When you return the next morning, simply damp your microfibre cloth in lukewarm water before proceeding to wipe away all the baking soda. You will of course notice that the initially white baking soda now has a different colour but this is good because it means all the grease and food residue has been absorbed. Odours too will have been absorbed.Oven Cleaning Atlanta

Extra step if need be:
In the case of grease stains leftover, most likely in prevalent across the far corners, simply coat the coarse and abrasive side of your double-sided cloth with white wine vinegar before blotting gently but firmly. The baking soda will have done half the job for you so it won’t be difficult to do the rest.

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