Why is steam cleaning a great way to clean?


Steam Cleaning AtlantaSteam cleaning whether it’s done by the novice at home or the professional cleaning agency is a great way to clean and freshen up the home.
There are many benefits for using this method of cleaning over conventional methods however, some people just prefer to roll up their sleeves, grab the rubber gloves and get stuck in so, it’s down to personal preference whether or not you feel it is for you!

Here are the main reasons why steam cleaning, is the way to go!
• Steam cleaning is completely natural as you only need water.
• Cost effectiveness comes from not having to keep buying regular cleaning agents.
• No harmful chemicals which are often found in regular cleaning products, means they are the safer way to clean.
• No residue is left on surfaces which can sometimes happen with detergents.
• No harsh chemicals means = no stains on clothing, so you can wear what you want to do it.
• Steam kills most bacteria’s such as e-coli, salmonella and listeria, bonus!
• Steam cleaning is the eco-friendly way to clean your home!
• Forget one off applications, this method keeps going and has multi-purpose uses!

How does it actually clean, if it’s only steam?
Most dirt and grime sticks to surfaces like glue, the steam manages to melt this and then the substance is easily wiped away.
(Unless the core of the problem is melted away, you could be scrubbing or moving around dirt instead of actually removing it!)

How does it work?
Clean water is put into the steam cleaner and the heating element within boils the water to create steam. The steam will disperse from a hose or nozzle and there is usually some kind of cleaning tool provided. This ongoing system will continue to produce steam until the water level drops to below minimum and needs refilling again.Atlanta Steam Cleaning

What can I clean with a steam cleaner?
Steam cleaners have multi uses and can be used on almost anything that is water friendly. Cleaning contractors tend to use them for cleaning sofas, upholstery, carpets, windows and wall tiles when hired to clean a home. This could be useful for any landlord or tenant who is moving out and needs to clean the property before handing back the keys.
Other uses include;
Mirrors, curtains, blinds, hearths, painted surfaces, cookers and hobs, bathrooms suites etc.
Or you may use it to remove wrinkles and creases from fabrics, pet hairs, jewellery, car dashboards, barbeques etc.
The list goes on!

Anything else I should know?
If you are considering buying a steam cleaner it’s probably best to know that price varies depending on the type of model you get. Example some heat up within 30 seconds whereas, other could take 30 minutes.
Tool attachments may vary depending on how expensive you go. The cheaper models may have fewer attachments included.
Mobility is another important factor as some are designed to be handled easily and are lightweight whereas others could be heavier to manoeuvre, similar to what professional cleaning companies use.
Think about the size of the model and bare this in mind when considering where you will be going to store the steamer.
Some steamers are pressurised and others non-pressurised, however, we don’t feel there is significant difference between the two because once the handle is released so is the pressure (it’s not a constant flow of pressure) and it will need to be built up again. It’s probably better to go with what you can afford rather than what appears to be better as both are good enough for home cleaning.

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Slightly strange cleaning tips and tricks


House Cleaning AtlantaWhen it comes to cleaning the house, there are the set ways in which everyone seems to get their place sorted. Household cleaners come in various shapes and sizes, but will all contain similar ingredients, and do the same job. If you can break away form these cleaners, then you may well find that you save a lot of money as well as reduce your impact on the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals that you flush into the water table. Essentially, the best way to be cleaning without these chemical cleaners tends to revolve around using natural products that have certain cleaning properties. Lemon and vinegar for instance contain high levels of acid, that eat away at dirt, but tend to be gentle enough to leave most surfaces unharmed. Baking soda is carbonated when wet, which makes the cleaning action more vigorous, adding energy to the chemical reactions involved in breaking down the dirt’s bonds. Cheap cola is also highly acidic and when left for a while can take the rust off of a nail, leaving it shiny, which is great for cleaning, but terrible news for your teeth if you are a cola fan! Have a look through the following tips and tricks that use some outlandish products, and see if there are any that may help you clean in a different way to usual…

In the kitchen, you can replace your surface cleaner with two parts lemon, one part vinegar and dilute if you like. The vinegar and lemon cut through grease, and disinfect surfaces, killing germs on contact. This is a natural and friendly way to get rid of germs that is just as effective as any chemical cleaner.Atlanta Natural Cleaning
If you have a lot of limescale clogging up your kettle, then chuck the used up chunks of lemon from other cleaning used into it, and fill the rest up with water so that all of the limescale is covered. Once you have boiled it, leave the solution to do it’s work over night, and you should find that you can rinse the limescale out!
The same technique works for microwaves! If you are tired of scraping about to clean the inside of your microwave, then place a cup full of water and lemon juice in there and cook on high for a minute. The acidic evaporation will degrease the interior walls of the machine, making it really easy to clean!
The bathroom has many areas that are particularly difficult to clean, and one of the worst are the taps! You will find that taping a bag full of vinegar around the tap and leaving it over night will leave your taps easy to wipe clean. They will sparkle extremely easily, as the acid breaks down the limescale, much like the lemon in the kettle!
Baking soda and lemon forms a great cream cleaner for the bath, as does adding vinegar.
Try pouring cola down the toilet and leave it for half an hour before you give it a scrub with a toilet brush and flush it. You should find that it shines up nicely! Use neat vinegar around the surfaces of the toilet as a softer but effective bleach, which will kill the nasty germs about it!
Try pouring vinegar, baking soda and boiling water down a blocked plughole; the fizzy action combined with the acid and heat will shift tough blockages easily!
Baking soda and vinegar with a little lemon on a toothbrush, like toothpaste, will get your bathroom grouting looking great!
Try it today, you will be extremely surprised!

Guest post provided by: http://www.london-cleaners.org.uk/blog/ease-the-pressure-with-alternative-cleaning-methods.html


Green Cleaning Services and Dangers Of Toxic Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning, green cleaning services are the order of the day. Eco cleaning services have a plethora of benefits that conventional methods and materials can never offer.

Green Cleaning Services Catching on

When green cleaning services first made its foray into mainstream and professional cleaning services, it was an attempt to use recyclable materials and to reduce the carbon footprint or the toxic waste generate by the industry. It was an attempt to preserve what is left of our environment and to have a greener and hence better tomorrow. But with time, along with such benefits several other advantages became obvious. Today, homeowners prefer Atlanta Eco Cleaners for more than one reason.

Non-toxic cleaners

There are a number of cleaning companies in Atlanta and all over the US who claim to use safe and natural cleaning supplies, but, natural can also be toxic.

Just because a product is natural, does not mean it is safe for your family to inhale. Granted, they are probably a lot better than the previous cleaning supplies they used, but having non-toxic cleaning products is the only way to keep your family safe from the dangers of skin irritation and inhalation problems such as Asthma.

Count on Atlanta Eco Cleaners to use only natural and non-toxic cleaning supplies.

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