Cleaning using more natural ingredients!

Natural cleaning atlantaIf you were told that you could get your whole house cleaned with a few things from the fridge or the larder, what would you say? Well, in fact, it is not far from the truth! Using things like Lemon, salt, vinegar and baking powder, you can get most of your home clean! Depending on the state of it, the whole house is pretty much covered by these natural foodstuffs that have great cleaning powers! Realistically the main place that will be difficult with these things is the oven, but if you clean that regularly enough, then there is no reason why you can’t maintain a decent level of cleanliness throughout! A few tips and tricks could be useful to get you on your way…

For a start, why are these things useful for cleaning? Well, lemon is acidic, which means that it kills bacteria, and cuts through grease. It also has a wonderful smell that makes the house feel fresh and clean even through the nose! Vinegar is also acidic, and whilst it may not smell as nice as lemon, can be used to absorb smells itself. Baking soda can also absorb smells, but it is mainly useful for being a carbonated reactant, which will speed up cleaning processes by making a fizzy effect as you clean. Salt is great for scrubbing away at harder dirt, and will have certain sanitizing qualities when it is dissolved in water. Olive oil can be used to treat wood and other materials that need polish and oiling, though in all honesty it is likely just as expensive as the normal products that you would use for such a job!natural cleaning atlanta

Try using a spray bottle of half water, half vinegar instead of your normal house hold cleaning product. You will no doubt find that you need a little more of it, but the fact is, it works just as well, and will cost you a fair amount less! For best results, use white vinegar that smells less strongly. Add lemon juice to the mix in order to get it all smelling a little nicer, and leave those surfaces looking fresh and clean! You will find that this recipe can be used on many surfaces, but if you are worried as to whether it can be used on a material that you have in your home, it is worth checking up online; you don’t want to ruin a nice countertop!

With regards to the bathroom, you will no doubt find that adding baking soda to the vinegar and lemon, with a little less water, makes a great fizzy cream cleaner. You should experiment with the amounts of each that you use, to find the mix that works best for you. Tape a sandwich bag round the taps in the bathroom and fill them with vinegar, seal and leave them overnight. In the morning, you should be able to simply rinse the limescale from them, as the acid will eat right through it. The same goes for the shower head; detach it and leave it in a bowl of vinegar, you will get the same results!

In the kitchen try adding a bowl of baking soda to the fridge to get rid of any smells, and if your clothes are a bit whiffy, then try putting a bowl of vinegar and hot water in a room with them, they should be smelling fine after a night or so!

There are tones of ways in which you can use different products to get the desired effect, so have a look online for more ideas!

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Green Cleaning Health Benefits


With green cleaning becoming more and more popular, a lot of people seem to be implementing it into their everyday chores on a regular basis. Thanks to warning labels and some clever pointing out by watchful people around the world we are beginning to move away from the old-fashioned and harsh chemicals and more into the world of cheaper, safer alternatives.Green Cleaning Atlanta

Cleaning is by far extremely important to all of us, as it protects us against household contaminants and other dangerous substances or organisms that may grow or gestate inside our homes. Dust mites, albeit always present are greatly diminished with regular cleaning. Mold spores and mildew can also be a problem if you’re not careful. Using harsh chemicals on the other hand can have some very negative effects over our overall health, such as causing allergies and worse. If we instead use green cleaning products we will not only help the planet, but also help ourselves.

To begin with, cleaning products have a great impact on the occupants of buildings. You can experience issues such as respiratory irritation, eye and skin irritation as well as a number of other issues that may endanger your life. Chemical reactions between different cleaners can seriously endanger your life if you’re not careful, such as bleach and ammonia creating hazardous and choking fumes with long-term damage as a result. If you remove those products from your household you will boost your overall health and promote a safer lifestyle. Regular ventilation of your home would be required in all cases, but doubly so when it comes to dealing with the traditional harsh chemicals used in most households.

Something that has to be noted is that regular and excessive exposure to chemicals on a daily basis can lead to more serious, life-threatening conditions such as cancer or neurological and reproductive disorders. In many cases we ingest, breathe in or have skin contact with such chemicals without even knowing it. They may be present in our food due to cross-contamination

Inhalation is one of the easiest ways for us to saddled in with chemical toxins. In many cases the indoor pollution levels are much worse than those outside due to many factors, such as lack of proper ventilation from a direct outside source as well as using chemicals which never leave our homes. Most people today spend a significant amount of time indoors so they are adversely affected by any issues coming from such sources. That particular poor air quality level may be to other factors, such as ozone, radon and the chemicals in fragrances, aerosol cans and even paint. When these chemicals enter the bloodstream via inhalation, they inevitably affect the body in smaller or bigger ways depending on their concentration.

green cleaning AtlantaSkin absorption is also a problem in those cases as it affects the nervous system and the skin in cases such as ammonia, bleach and other dangerous cleaning substances with toxic origins. Green cleaning products aim to improve and avoid such issues altogether, which makes them the ideal figure of our domestic and commercial cleaning efforts.

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E-cloth – Perfect Cleaning with just water!

Introducing E-cloth.


E-cloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


E-cloth is the revolutionary way to achieve perfect cleaning inside and outside the home, using just water.
E-cloth cleans better than chemicals, without chemicals!
E-cloths are totally different from ordinary cleaning cloths.
The secret lies in the millions of tiny, but very strong E-cloth fibers that clean deep down into all hard surfaces.
Using just water, E-cloths break up and absorb thick grease, dirt and bacteria. Dirt is drawn deep down into the fibers where it stays locked in until the cloths are washed.

e-cloth microfiber technology
There are two main types of E-cloth. The thicker cloth such as the general purpose cloth which will remove grease dirt and bacteria from hard surfaces.
Simply rinse under a tap, wring out excess water, fold and wipe. Rinse, fold and reuse as necessary.
It’s absolutely great on Stainless steel.
The thinner glass and polishing cloth provides a perfect and sparkling finish on all shiny surfaces.
For most cleaning jobs, it is best to use the thicker cloth first, followed by the glass and polishing cloth used dry.
For light cleaning, spray the surface with a little water and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
Its particularly good on glass, mirrors, stainless steel and chrome.
Cleaning with just water has so many benefits for you and the environment.
Its not only faster and easier than traditional methods, but it saves you having to buy chemicals, reducing the cost of buying chemical cleaners by up to 90%.
All E-cloths are also guaranteed for up to 300 washes and will last for years, saving you even more money.

E-cloths Nationally recognized for health benefits.

Elocths and water make it safer for you and your family.
The absence of chemicals significantly reduces health risks specifically for people with asthma or allergies, which is why all E-cloths carry the Allergy UK Consumer Award which is the endorsement of the leading charity for Asthma and Allergy research.
E-cloth has a complete range of cloths and mops so you can clean your whole home using just water.E-cloth Cleaning Products
There are also E-cloths to clean cars, televisions, bbq’s and garden furniture.
The easy to use e-cloth mop set offers the same high quality performance cleaning for all types of hard flooring using just water.
Its ideal for natural wood and laminate as very little water is left on the surface after cleaning. And it dries quicker than with traditional mops.

E-cloth endorsed by leading Manufacturers

Don’t just take our word for it. E-cloths are endorsed by many leading manufacturers including, Nefe, Milele, Bosch, Electrolux, Ideal Standard and Hotpoint.

E-cloth has also received a top award from Good Housekeeping for the last three years.
Changing cleaning habits of a lifetime.
Revolutionary cloths for revolutionary cleaning.
Take a pack home today!

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Best microfiber cleaning cloths.



Method Cleaning Products

Method Cleaning Products

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products from Method.

     Method Cleaning Products are non-toxic and eco-friendly and have one thing above other green cleaning products…They SMELL GREAT!

Many other green cleaning products on the market have that one big draw back. They smell terrible and it makes you not want to use them.

Method cleaning products come in a variety of natural fragrances for whatever suits your home. In fact, some people like to choose what their home smells like from sampling our choice of Method cleaning products.



Atlanta Eco Cleaners are proud to say they use Method Cleaning Products as they are not only non-toxic and smell great, but they also work really well to clean up the grease and grime from your home.

We especially like the Mint window and mirror cleaner that naturally cleans without streaks.

The power of other citrus fruits goes to work on hard to clean places breaking up dirt and making it easy to wipe away.

They kill bacteria just like their toxic chemical counterparts and combined with our E-cloth Microfiber cleaning cloths offer an unparalleled clean.

E-cloth only really needs water to remove over 99% of bacteria from your surfaces, but we like to use a little Method Cleaning Products in our bottle to give it that extra cleaning power as well as add the pleasant smell which our customers compliment us on all the time.

One customer says, “My husband loves it. He loves cleaning day and coming home to that wonderful smell in the house.” 

Method has a variety of cleaning products from their all purpose cleaners to the more specialized bath and shower cleaner, window and mirror cleaner and different products for wood floors and floor surfaces.

They also have hand soap, a line of body soaps and gifts. They all come in unique shaped bottles that have a more decorative and stylish upscale feel.

Give them a try, I’m sure you will love them.

Method Cleaning Products can be found in most good supermarket stores as well as online at

Method Cleaning Products

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths from Ecloth

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are a revolutionary, environmentally friendly, and extremely effective way to clean.  Microfiber cloths are made of tiny fiber which catch and hold dirt, grease and grime and pull it away from your surfaces. There are approximately 200,000 fibers in one square inch of a high standard store bought microfiber towel. Top level microfiber cloths have 1.6 million fibers per square inch and that really makes a difference!E-cloth Cleaning Products Ecloth is the world’s leading producer of microfiber cloths and have been manufacturing since 1995. Nearly 500 million fiber strands are in each e-cloth resulting in 1,246 miles of e-cloth fibers in each cloth.  To put this in perspective, fibers from one e-cloth would stretch from New York City to Minneapolis or Seattle to San Diego.It is e-cloth’s composition (highest quality polyester and polyamide), fiber size (smallest diameter in the world), fiber processing (highest density in the world), that allows e-cloth to outperform all other microfiber and cleaning cloths.

e-cloth’s filaments are so small and so strong; using just water they break up, lift, lock in, and clean deep down into the tiniest grooves and crevices.  Dust, grease, oils, grime, dirt and bacteria are quickly and easily removed and locked away deep inside the fibers until the cloths are rinsed or washed.

Surfaces are cleaned so effectively that there is nowhere left for bacteria to grow.  Surfaces are left polished and totally smear and lint free.  e-cloths rapidly absorb 7 times their weight in water.

In addition, scientific research carried out by world renowned Silliker Group, has proven that e-cloths also remove over 99% of bacteria.

High quality microfiber cleaning cloths feature split microfiber, after the splitting process each fiber towel looks like an asterisk if you’re looking at a cross section. The open spaces in the microfiber created by the splitting process allow it to pick up and hold dirt as well as absorbing liquid.

You can use microfiber cleaning cloths dry as a duster instead of using a cleaning cloth treated with chemicals or a (chemical) spray and wipe method. Split microfiber is positively charged which makes it work like a magnet attracting negatively charged dust particles. This characteristic along with the microscopic open spaces created by the splitting process allow the cloth to attract and hold dirt and dust rather than just pushing it around like a cotton cloth would. Depending on the size of the cloth you may want to fold it. For instance, when using a 16×16 cloth it’s probably best to fold it into fourths. This gives you 8 cleaning surfaces on one towel. When using a smaller cloth, like a 12”x12”, you may want to just use it unfolded like you would use a wash cloth while bathing. Once you’ve collected the dust around the house you can release the dust from the cloth by rinsing it out then you can go on to use the same cloth using the damp method described below.E-cloth Microfiber Cleaning ClothsWhen used damp, microfiber towels are great for removing smudged dirt, grease or stains. When using the microfiber towels damp, the squeegee like edges of each microfiber in a microfiber cleaning cloth scrape up the dirt while the open spaces keep the dirt in the microfiber towel. You can accomplish all of this with a microfiber towel without adding any chemical cleaners. When using the cloths damp it’s usually best to get it wet and then ring it out. You don’t want it to be dripping as the towel needs to have the capacity to absorb whatever you’re trying to clean off of surfaces. Like with a dry cloth, when using a larger cleaning cloth it’s probably best to fold it to give you multiple new cleaning surfaces on the same towel. This damp method works best for scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning appliances, wiping down kitchen counters, cleaning car interiors and hundreds of other cleaning applications.
The absorbency of microfiber make it great for cleaning windows, even when just using the cloth with water. Microfiber cleaning cloths hold up to 7 times their own weight in liquid which allows them to clean glass while leaving no streaks. This feature also makes them great for cleaning up spills. This will allow you to cut down on the use of disposable cleaning products like paper towels.
Microfiber cleaning cloths are machine washable! When cared for properly you can expect to get several hundred washes out of a single cloth and it will be as effective as it was the day it was new.e-cloth microfiber technology
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