Baking Soda Green Cleaning Guide

Green Cleaning AtlantaAlthough harsh cleaners can get the job done, a lot of people do their best to avoid using hazardous chemicals and for a good reason. Much of the commercial cleaning products may cause allergy issues for sensitive individuals and children. There are several ways to go around them, replacing them with other products like vinegar, lemon juice and so forth, however this article will focus on cleaning tips with baking soda in mind:

• It’s a good idea to keep a container of baking soda on hand near the bathtub. Whenever you take a bath you should use the chance to use a bit of the baking soda to clean the walls near your shower. You can keep your space clean and you won’t have to deal with toxic chemicals. You won’t have to clean your bathroom at a separate time, getting yourself wet again if you follow this routine.

• You should avoid the toxicity of bleach by using baking soda to scrub down your sink, toilet and bath tub. You won’t have to deal with corrosive liquids or harsh, choking fumes while you work and the results will be pretty much the same in the end.

• You can sprinkle a ¼ cup of baking soda into the bowl when you flush your toilet once in a while. Give it a good scrub and then flush to rinse it completely. You will have great results without smelly chemicals.

• Baking soda has a great effect in removing mildew buildup on porcelain sinks. It can also remove and cut the grease off your stove, help clean laundry and many other uses not related to cleaning as well.

• There are many uses for baking soda, however most of them can be concentrated in the kitchen. Whenever you spill grease or you have grease splatters on your counters or stoves, you can sprinkle baking soda on top. Let it stand like that for a couple of minutes, then simply brush it off and throw it away without any resulting mess. You can also use baking soda for your kitchen sink, as it is capable of removing any buildups regardless of the material the sink is made of. Use a damp sponge with the soda and you’ll have a chance to wash all that away and down the drain.

• The most important thing to remember about baking soda is that it is very good at absorbing moisture, so you should learn to store it in an airtight container so it will last longer.Natural Cleaners Atlanta

• Cleaning stainless steel is very easy with a mix of baking soda and water made into a paste. Just rub it on and it will easily strip the grease away with very little effort involved.

• You can remove unpleasant odors from you home and your carpets by sprinkling some baking soda on it. Leave it like that for about an hour before vacuuming and you will see the results for yourself as all scents get neutralized.

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Green Cleaning Health Benefits


With green cleaning becoming more and more popular, a lot of people seem to be implementing it into their everyday chores on a regular basis. Thanks to warning labels and some clever pointing out by watchful people around the world we are beginning to move away from the old-fashioned and harsh chemicals and more into the world of cheaper, safer alternatives.Green Cleaning Atlanta

Cleaning is by far extremely important to all of us, as it protects us against household contaminants and other dangerous substances or organisms that may grow or gestate inside our homes. Dust mites, albeit always present are greatly diminished with regular cleaning. Mold spores and mildew can also be a problem if you’re not careful. Using harsh chemicals on the other hand can have some very negative effects over our overall health, such as causing allergies and worse. If we instead use green cleaning products we will not only help the planet, but also help ourselves.

To begin with, cleaning products have a great impact on the occupants of buildings. You can experience issues such as respiratory irritation, eye and skin irritation as well as a number of other issues that may endanger your life. Chemical reactions between different cleaners can seriously endanger your life if you’re not careful, such as bleach and ammonia creating hazardous and choking fumes with long-term damage as a result. If you remove those products from your household you will boost your overall health and promote a safer lifestyle. Regular ventilation of your home would be required in all cases, but doubly so when it comes to dealing with the traditional harsh chemicals used in most households.

Something that has to be noted is that regular and excessive exposure to chemicals on a daily basis can lead to more serious, life-threatening conditions such as cancer or neurological and reproductive disorders. In many cases we ingest, breathe in or have skin contact with such chemicals without even knowing it. They may be present in our food due to cross-contamination

Inhalation is one of the easiest ways for us to saddled in with chemical toxins. In many cases the indoor pollution levels are much worse than those outside due to many factors, such as lack of proper ventilation from a direct outside source as well as using chemicals which never leave our homes. Most people today spend a significant amount of time indoors so they are adversely affected by any issues coming from such sources. That particular poor air quality level may be to other factors, such as ozone, radon and the chemicals in fragrances, aerosol cans and even paint. When these chemicals enter the bloodstream via inhalation, they inevitably affect the body in smaller or bigger ways depending on their concentration.

green cleaning AtlantaSkin absorption is also a problem in those cases as it affects the nervous system and the skin in cases such as ammonia, bleach and other dangerous cleaning substances with toxic origins. Green cleaning products aim to improve and avoid such issues altogether, which makes them the ideal figure of our domestic and commercial cleaning efforts.

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How a clean home can improve your health

This may sound quite strange but there are several ways cleaning your home can really improve your health, both mentally and physically.
If you suffer from a mental illness such as depression or are just feeling low, getting up and being active rather than sitting around feeling miserable is the best thing you can do. Exercise releases endorphins into the body which automatically perks us up and makes us feel more positive, so if you’re feeling down bring yourself out of the state by convincing yourself to do some housework and get active!How a clean home can improve your health Atlanta
That deals with the mental health side of your cleaning but making sure you have a nice clean home also benefits your physical health. A build-up of dirt can result in nasty bugs and bacteria living in your home, in places you wouldn’t think of. Below is a list of places that harbour bacteria:
• Light switches
Television remotes
• Toothbrush
• Salt and Pepper Shakers
• Keyboards on a computer or laptop
• The kitchen sink
• The bathtub
• Towels

Some of these places seem quite unusual but in regards to the light switches, television remotes, keyboards and salt and pepper shakers, people handle these on a daily basis. If you think about where people’s hands have been and the germs they have picked up during the day that are then spread…that’s a lot of dirt and bacteria. Wipe them all over at the end of each day with a disinfectant wipe and encourage people in your household to frequently wash their hands. For keyboards, you can also use a vacuum cleaner or air pressure to remove the pieces of food from in between the keys.
The bathtub harbours bacteria. You may think that the bathtub is the cleanest place in as house, as people are always using it and it has shampoos, conditioners and shower gels in it all the time, but think again. You may notice that after a bath there is usually a layer of dirt at the water line. This needs cleaning to prevent a build-up of bacteria, if not you will be bathing in dirt. Always rinse your bath down, even if you just use shower gel to give it a quick clean. Make sure everyone rinses it down after and makes sure it is spotless. There is also no harm in giving it a quick rinse before you hop in the tub either.How a clean home can improve your health Atlanta
The kitchen sink is also one of those places you may think is clean, as it is filled with washing up liquid but once again, this is incorrect. Bits of food can gather down the drain and around the plughole, some of which you may just leave or try and flush down. This is a nesting place for bacteria. Disinfection your sink and washing up bowl regularly and clean drains on a daily basis too. To disinfect your dish cloth, fill a bowl with hot water, add bleach and leave overnight-this will thoroughly disinfect the cloth ready for the next day. Clean cloths and towels in the washing machine on the hottest temperature to kill all germs.
Bacteria like to breed in a damp environment. Where better than a toothbrush that has just been use? Try and allow your toothbrush to dry between uses and replace it on a regular basis (especially after you have been ill). When you flush your toilet, make sure you close the lid as it ejects bacteria which can land on your toothbrush and no one likes the idea of this! Finally, when you have used your towel, DO NOT throw it on the floor and leave it damp. Always hang it to dry immediately after you have used it. This prevents bacteria breeding on the warm, damp environment. Always dry the shower curtain out too after usage and anything else that got wet.
If you remember these simple things, you will automatically have a much healthier home.
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The Cleaning Authority Atlanta

What does it mean to be the cleaning authority in your town?

Well, Atlanta Eco Cleaners have the idea.

What sets us apart as the cleaning authority from some of the top cleaning companies in Atlanta is the fact we can offer superior service as well as keep the price low and competitive for all income levels.


We all need a little help now and again to keep our house clean and a quality maid service can do that for you. But, you want to be making sure you are getting a good deal as there are literally hundreds of cleaning services in Atlanta to choose from.The Cleaning authority


Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. On one hand, you may assume that the top national cleaning companies such as Molly Maid, Merry maids, The maids etc. are the cleaning authority in your market, which is generally true as they have big marketing budgets to capture your eyeballs and money. But, they generally come at the most expensive cost.

If you can afford to pay upwards of $80/hour for cleaning, then, with their checks and balances, they should provide a satisfactory cleaning on a consistent basis.


On the other hand there are the individually owned maid services in Atlanta that don’t have the same training and staff policies as some of the national companies. That is not to say that they can’t be the cleaning authority as many of these companies have been in business for 10+ years serving their loyal group of clients. In fact, the majority of house cleaning Atlanta residents use are these locally owned cleaning services. They generally come with a lower price tag and if you find a good couple of maids you can develop a great working relationship as you will hardly ever have a change of personnel to clean your home. Finding locally owned cleaning companies at the right price though is generally a trial and error ordeal, needing to go through 4-5 house cleaning services until you find one you are satisfied with.

It takes a little more time, but if you need regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service, then it would be well worth your while to go through the hiring experience and save $20-30 per clean over some of the cleaning authority maid services Google spits back in the search engine results.

Should you pay more for Green Cleaning in Atlanta?


Green cleaning is making the headlines nationwide and many companies like to charge more and claim they use green cleaning practices in their maid services. But not all green is non-toxic, which is the most important element in green cleaning products and even though these products are more expensive, is it fair to charge you more for a healthier clean?

Well, here is an alarming statistic from a recent study from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons:

“Women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women working away from the home.”  A 15 year study concluded that it is directly linked to the toxic household chemicals in the home.

The National Research Council reports that “No toxic information is available for more than 80% of the chemicals in everyday use products.”  Not only do you not know what chemicals you’re exposing your family to, there isn’t a way to find out.


Scary thought isn’t it?


That’s why people are switching to green cleaning, but even some of the green cleaners are just as toxic as the others. (it doesn’t take much to get a “green” label on products as there are hardly any regulations in this field either.)


So, how do you know what is safe?


The answer….




That’s right, water is about as safe as you can get.

e-cloth microfiber technology



But, how are you going to kill the bacteria with just water?


That is where technology comes in with the production of top of the line microfiber cleaning cloths from E-Cloth that have been tested to show time and again that, with just water, they remove over 99% of the bacteria from your surfaces.

Microfiber technology picks up and traps the bacteria as well as grease and grime in the cloth and is easily rinsed away under hot water down the sink for the cloths to be used again.

In fact, E-cloth was awarded best cleaning products in three different categories by Real Simple Magazine including best all round cloth.

Microfiber cleaning products

E-cloth rated best all round cleaning cloths.


So, should green cleaning be MORE expensive if you can use less product and just water?


Answer, no!


Although there is an expense in buying quality cleaning cloths and supplies, there is a decrease in the amount of actual green cleaning product used, so at Atlanta Eco Cleaners we feel it is savings passed onto our customers and not an excuse to jack up our prices.

The Cleaning Authority


So, with all that said, being the cleaning authority comes down to offering 3 things.


Fair Price – we don’t charge as much as the national brand names as we don’t have the advertising overhead or use as much product as other cleaning companies.

Family owned – we are a family owner company which means we take pride in our business and make sure every house cleaning is done with care from a hand picked staff of trained cleaning professionals

Free – we are free from toxins and ultimately a real green cleaning company. Our microfiber cleaning cloths from E-cloth are the best on the market and make our cleaning services the most efficient and highest quality as well as the safest for you and our staff.


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Cleaning Services in Atlanta Hiring Experienced Cleaners


 Cleaning Services In Atlanta

Finding high quality cleaning service is complicated and hectic these days as most of the companies make ridiculous claims but fail to act upon them. Atlanta Eco Cleaners are known to provide exceptional and professional cleaning services for residential and commercial needs by using non-toxic green facilities for maintenance. With many years of service on hand, cleaning services Atlanta are sure to provide the best possible services to their clients in order to achieve maximum satisfaction and loyalty. The staff at Atlanta Eco Cleaners is known to be highly professional and can handle commercial and residential work easily without having to struggle too much or cause any trouble. The maid services are mostly for residential use and they can are hired to work towards doing the best for the interested customers and future prospects. The best feature about cleaning companies in Atlanta is that they offer reasonable and affordable prices for all those who are in dire need of tremendous and reliable cleaning services in metro Atlanta. The maid services in many areas in Atlanta can be found easily, for instance in areas such as Edgewood, Candler Park, Winnona Park, Pine Hills, Ansley Park and many more.

The house cleaning Atlanta services also specialize in providing great commercial services which are entirely eco-friendly and done by using high end eco-friendly products. These methods are specifically used to evade any health problems or issues which arise in the case of conventional cleaning methods. Therefore, Atlanta Eco Cleaners make sure that they provide the best possible cleaners for the task of cleaning to their customers in order to gain full trust and appreciation. The best part about this cleaning service is the fact that they use non-toxic cleaners, an aspect which is thoroughly neglected by many companies in Atlanta and everywhere else. People have to sign no contracts or jump into any agreements in order to gain these services and the same best employees can be provided whenever they are needed.

Individuals who are looking for cleaning service jobs are recommended to go for these services as they are completely authentic and pay excellent in comparison to others. They are encouraged to contact the office from Monday to Friday between 8a.m to 5p.m. Clients can also request for weekend appointments as the staff and the workers will be obliged and happy to help. The customer service staff awaits all new workers and clients eagerly in order to display their diverse and exceptional cleaning services.

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Amanda Howe
Atlanta, GA

House Cleaning Atlanta Promotion For the Holidays

Christmas is coming, but even before that, Thanksgiving and that means family reunions. People getting together for the holidays is what it is all about, but it can also be a very stressful time if you are hosting people at your home to stay for a while, or simply to come over for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

We all want to make a good impression whether it be to your parents, the in-laws or friends and neighbors. One of the first things that they all look at, while they are spending time in your home is the cleanliness. They will spot all those areas that have not been cleaned in a long time and make their judging opinions of you, your family and your lifestyle.

It is a natural thing to do, but just because you don’t have time to do a deep clean on your home every month doesn’t make you a bad person and worthy of those judging thoughts and comments.

Atlanta Eco Cleaners would like to help.

We are currently offering a “home for the holidays” promotion which gives $100 off 3 separate cleanings. $50 off the first, $25 off the second and $25 off the third.
A great idea is to use them before Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, or maybe even after to clean up a little.

We only use green, eco friendly cleaning products which means you won’t have that chemical, (I just cleaning my house) smell when the relatives arrive. You won’t have them walking into a fume filled room with coughing and sneezing from the unnatural toxins in the air and instead all they will be able to smell is the wonderful cooking. (sorry, we can’t help out with that!)

So, give yourself a treat and let us do all the hard cleaning work for you while you concentrate on mentally preparing for the big occasion.

Contact Amanda Howe at Atlanta Eco Cleaners at (404) 793-7550 or visit out Atlanta house cleaning website

Make sure to call now to book your appointment early and get the days you need. We can only service so many people in one day, so call early to avoid disappointment.

Green Cleaning Services and Dangers Of Toxic Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning, green cleaning services are the order of the day. Eco cleaning services have a plethora of benefits that conventional methods and materials can never offer.

Green Cleaning Services Catching on

When green cleaning services first made its foray into mainstream and professional cleaning services, it was an attempt to use recyclable materials and to reduce the carbon footprint or the toxic waste generate by the industry. It was an attempt to preserve what is left of our environment and to have a greener and hence better tomorrow. But with time, along with such benefits several other advantages became obvious. Today, homeowners prefer Atlanta Eco Cleaners for more than one reason.

Non-toxic cleaners

There are a number of cleaning companies in Atlanta and all over the US who claim to use safe and natural cleaning supplies, but, natural can also be toxic.

Just because a product is natural, does not mean it is safe for your family to inhale. Granted, they are probably a lot better than the previous cleaning supplies they used, but having non-toxic cleaning products is the only way to keep your family safe from the dangers of skin irritation and inhalation problems such as Asthma.

Count on Atlanta Eco Cleaners to use only natural and non-toxic cleaning supplies.

Make the call. It’s time to change! (404) 793-7550


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