How To Prepare a Super Bowl Party!

Top 7 Checklist for Throwing an Epic Super Bowl Party

So, you want to throw the Super Bowl of Super Bowl parties, huh? We’ve all been there. Nothing makes you the toast of the town quite like an epic Super Bowl party does.
Super Bowl LI might be taking place in Houston, but you can make your party almost as good as being there, by following these simple instructions.
As the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots take the field, this is what you’re going to want to do to prepare for your legendary party.

Don’t Skimp on Game Day Food 
This is the most obvious thing you can do to make your party epic, but every year millions of people mess it up.
The Super Bowl only happens once a year, so don’t skimp out. You’re trying to have the best party ever, so naturally, you’re going to need some amazing food.
If take-out food won’t cut it, try giving your guests game day favorites like wings, sliders, potato skins and more.


Ban the Kids
It’s a little-known fact that people will inevitably have to bring their kids to your party. It’s hard to get a sitter on a day when everyone is partying. (It’s also hard to get a sitter if nobody likes your kids, but that’s another story.) So, you can imagine that the kids at your party are going to need some entertainment to keep them out of the way of the Bowl watchers.
Kids do not have the attention span for drawn out sporting events, particularly those that cut to commercial every 90 seconds. Make sure there’s a separate room where the kids can play. Preferably a block or two down the street. And make sure they have their own snacks, because “grubby fingers” shouldn’t be an ingredient in the snacks the grown-ups are munching on.


Clean Up and Rearrange 
Even if it’s a totally informal gathering, your house needs to be clean and spruced up. It’s a matter of your pride in your home and a sign of respect to all those you invite over. Calling people to an untidy home shows that you are taking them for granted.
Arrange the furniture so that everyone has comfortable access to the TV. If need be, borrow extra chairs from friends and neighbors. Your guests will have a lot of cold weather gear with them so designate a place where it will be kept and try and organize it for easy retrieval when the party is over.
Make sure you have plenty of paper towels around and enough supplies in the bathroom. Once your guests leave, it will be late, you will need to sleep off all that food and beer and you must work in the morning. This is the time you call a professional house cleaner to come in the next morning and clean it for you.
Don’t Ignore the Prop Bets

Prop bets are one of the best parts of the Super Bowl. It keeps every aspect of the four-hour event entertaining.
Hate to watch the halftime show? Not if you bet on how many times Lady Gaga will screw up. Hate to watch the postgame ceremony? Not if you bet on who the MVP and coach thank first. You can make small bets on literally anything.


Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best When It Comes to the TV
First and foremost, it is very important that everyone at your Super Bowl party can watch the Super Bowl. While this may seem obvious, remember they aren’t coming over to check out your collection of Hummel figurines. The average Super Bowl party has 17 people. This makes viewing difficult. We suggest having more than one TV set showing the game. Just make sure the TVs aren’t out of sync. If one set is slightly ahead of the other because of a lag in your digital receiver, the people in the back room who will hear everyone in the front room cheering before the play is finished. And that’s a serious Super Bowl party foul.


DON’T just serve cheap beer.
You definitely want to have SOME cheap beer — it’s only appropriate for the occasion — but you also want the guests who aren’t sports-bar types to feel comfortable. Have some microbrews and wine. Themed cocktails are always a delight so long as you don’t go overboard.

Get Rowdy and Invite Everyone!
This isn’t a formal dinner party, so don’t limit your guest list: It’s the Super Bowl. It’s meant to be rowdy. Your goal should be to get a noise complaint from your cranky neighbor. Anyone you like hanging out with who’s remotely interested in football, free food, or free-flowing booze is invited. Period.
If those rowdy football friends make a mess and don’t help clean up, call Atlanta Eco Cleaners to help! We have an after Super Bowl Special for $99 to clean up your Super Bowl mess!

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