Go For The Eco-friendly and Non-toxic House Cleaning Company

You might ask about cleaning companies that boost of being eco-friendly and non-toxic. Well, these are standards that companies acquired from authorities in order to add more glamour or credibility that also boost reputation and revenue.House Cleaning Atlanta


Companies also acquire these standards and qualifications based on their performance ratings and other factors. You cannot just acquire these standards for nothing. Like if your company acquired the ISO certification, then you must be a

company of international standards. So, you become proud and have to announce this good news to clients and future customers. In fact, corporate companies that receive ISO certifications and other standards usually advertise this good news in radios, televisions and broadsheets to boost their companies for receiving such international standards.


What is an eco-friendly company?


A company which has the title of being an eco-friendly has achieved a status or qualification. It means the company is adhering to the campaigns of the local or national government to respect nature, to love trees, to love the environment – and being such, they will always consider planting trees and related stuffs in order to keep green and love the environment, and they would not do things that would harm the environment, or the eco-systems, for that matter.


Companies that label themselves as eco-friendly are companies that people should patronize because they care for the environment and they would exercise their business without giving any harm to mother nature.


If you choose this company then you are assured of safety and convenience of not being victimized by unscrupulous companies posing as eco-friendly, yet they are using harmful products or services that harm the environment.


What is a non-toxic cleaning company?


A non-toxic company is a company which has achieved a certain standard or qualifications from authorities. This means said company does not use chemicals or toxic substance that could hurt people or ruin the environment.


A non-toxic cleaning company, then, is company that has also achieved the same status because of outstanding performance. This means said company does not use toxic substance that might be harmful to their consumers. They are not using products that can give threat to the environment. The services that they provide are safe for the people and the environment. So, you don’t need to worry about these companies having the label of non-toxic. They are safe and you would not be harmed.


So if you are planning to hire the services of a cleaning company, make sure that they have this label as non-toxic or eco-friendly company. In this way, you will be guided that you have transacted business to the most reliable and dependable eco-friendly and non-toxic company. Remember that being cautious all the time will make you aware of any threat or dangers of being victimized by unscrupulous individuals. Be smart and knowledgeable!

Oven cleaning – how to clean an oven organically

While a lot of contemporary conventional ovens have internal lights that enhance visibility therein, we’re all too preoccupied by the prospect of what we’re about to eat to notice the grime on the sides of the oven, not to mention that which is hidden at the back and underneath the oven tray.oven cleaning atlanta
Indeed, during a typical kitchen cleaning session, oven cleaning is neglected because the mess doesn’t sit right before our eyes.
Take a torch and have a look inside your oven. Probe carefully and you will see all sorts of food grease and residue sat in obscure pockets. Because an oven is poorly ventilated, food marks and grease set twice as much as those on the kitchen wall above the stove. Heat retention also contributes to bacterial growth and odour despite regular cooking, of which some naively think is sufficient in suppressing bacteria. It isn’t, your oven needs a clean, but you can treat it with frugal and entirely organic means, like so:

Organic tool check list:

A tub of baking soda
A tablespoon
White wine vinegar
A double-sided sponge
A microfibre cloth
A empty spray bottle

Step 1 – Fill your spray bottle
Begin by filling the spray bottle with regular tap water.
Step 2 – Spray the inside of the oven
Make sure your oven is switched off before spraying the water around generously. It pays to give corners extra water treatment.
Step 3 – Prepare room to apply the baking soda
Your full tub of baking soda comes in handy here since you want to completely cover the very bottom of your oven, making the coating at least a quarter of an inch in thickness. Remove each of the trays in your oven first of all. Proceed to dip your tablespoon into the baking soda which you’d ideally have sitting very close. If not, be sure to transport tablespoons of baking soda by cupping your other hand under the spoon to prevent making a mess.
Step 4 – Apply the baking soda
Sprinkle tablespoons of baking soda gently onto the bottom of the oven until the whole area is covered in powder of roughly 1/4 in thickness. Kneel right down and tilt your sideways in order to determine just how much you’ve applied.
Step 5 – Sponge the baking soda around
Using the softer side of your double-sided sponge, run lukewarm tap water over the half before gently smearing the baking soda around with it. Make sure to cover the whole bottom area of the oven.
Step 6 – Turn oven on briefly
Turn the oven on for 5 minutes before switching it off and leaving the baking soda to sit overnight.
Step 7 – Finishing the job
When you return the next morning, simply damp your microfibre cloth in lukewarm water before proceeding to wipe away all the baking soda. You will of course notice that the initially white baking soda now has a different colour but this is good because it means all the grease and food residue has been absorbed. Odours too will have been absorbed.Oven Cleaning Atlanta

Extra step if need be:
In the case of grease stains leftover, most likely in prevalent across the far corners, simply coat the coarse and abrasive side of your double-sided cloth with white wine vinegar before blotting gently but firmly. The baking soda will have done half the job for you so it won’t be difficult to do the rest.

Read more tips at: http://domesticcleaninglondon.net/oven-cleaning/

Cleaning using more natural ingredients!

Natural cleaning atlantaIf you were told that you could get your whole house cleaned with a few things from the fridge or the larder, what would you say? Well, in fact, it is not far from the truth! Using things like Lemon, salt, vinegar and baking powder, you can get most of your home clean! Depending on the state of it, the whole house is pretty much covered by these natural foodstuffs that have great cleaning powers! Realistically the main place that will be difficult with these things is the oven, but if you clean that regularly enough, then there is no reason why you can’t maintain a decent level of cleanliness throughout! A few tips and tricks could be useful to get you on your way…

For a start, why are these things useful for cleaning? Well, lemon is acidic, which means that it kills bacteria, and cuts through grease. It also has a wonderful smell that makes the house feel fresh and clean even through the nose! Vinegar is also acidic, and whilst it may not smell as nice as lemon, can be used to absorb smells itself. Baking soda can also absorb smells, but it is mainly useful for being a carbonated reactant, which will speed up cleaning processes by making a fizzy effect as you clean. Salt is great for scrubbing away at harder dirt, and will have certain sanitizing qualities when it is dissolved in water. Olive oil can be used to treat wood and other materials that need polish and oiling, though in all honesty it is likely just as expensive as the normal products that you would use for such a job!natural cleaning atlanta

Try using a spray bottle of half water, half vinegar instead of your normal house hold cleaning product. You will no doubt find that you need a little more of it, but the fact is, it works just as well, and will cost you a fair amount less! For best results, use white vinegar that smells less strongly. Add lemon juice to the mix in order to get it all smelling a little nicer, and leave those surfaces looking fresh and clean! You will find that this recipe can be used on many surfaces, but if you are worried as to whether it can be used on a material that you have in your home, it is worth checking up online; you don’t want to ruin a nice countertop!

With regards to the bathroom, you will no doubt find that adding baking soda to the vinegar and lemon, with a little less water, makes a great fizzy cream cleaner. You should experiment with the amounts of each that you use, to find the mix that works best for you. Tape a sandwich bag round the taps in the bathroom and fill them with vinegar, seal and leave them overnight. In the morning, you should be able to simply rinse the limescale from them, as the acid will eat right through it. The same goes for the shower head; detach it and leave it in a bowl of vinegar, you will get the same results!

In the kitchen try adding a bowl of baking soda to the fridge to get rid of any smells, and if your clothes are a bit whiffy, then try putting a bowl of vinegar and hot water in a room with them, they should be smelling fine after a night or so!

There are tones of ways in which you can use different products to get the desired effect, so have a look online for more ideas!

For aditional inspiration, visit: http://www.londoncarpetcleaner.co.uk/rug-cleaning/W6-rug-wash-fulham-.html

Bathroom Green Cleaning Tips

Atlanta Green CleaningFor most of us the smell of chemicals is usually connected to clean rooms and similar places, however that can’t be farther from the truth. The chemicals commonly used today in most cleaning jobs are toxins themselves that often need to be out of our homes so we can be safe. There are a great number of green alternatives that work just as well as traditional cleaners, if not even better than that. Use the following tips to get things done with a minimum amount of hassle:

• Cleaning tiles and bathtubs requires you to combine about a cup and a half baking soda with about half a cup safe, vegetable oil-based soap. Add half a cup water and two tablespoons vinegar to the mix, then shake that up and you’re done. You can apply it with a sponge or you can directly spray it when you need to.

• You can make scouring powder by combining a cup of baking soda, cup of borax and a cup of salt in a jar. Sprinkle that on the target surface, wipe it off with a damp sponge and then rinse it clean.

• Cleaning your toilet bowl can be done with a quarter cup of borax or baking soda, mixed together with a cup of vinegar. This mixture should be left to work for at least fifteen minutes before scrubbing, then you need to flush it down the drain.

• Cleaning glass requires a quarter cup of vinegar mixed into four cups of warm water. Place the vinegar water in a spray bottle and use that to clean the windows with a piece of cloth or a wash leather.

• Make a drain cleaner by using half a cup of baking soda. Pour it down the drain and follow that up with a cup of vinegar. The resulting reaction will help break down the blockage if you give it time. Wash the mix down with boiling hot water, then repeat it if you have to.

• Sanitizing the floor can be done by mixing a half cup of borax in two gallons of hot water inside a bucket. Use a sponge or a mop to apply it on the surface and don’t worry about rinsing it. Make sure you’ve mixed things well before doing so however.

• To remove soap scum, you will need to sprinkle the area with baking soda, then scrub that with a sponge or a cloth. Follow that up by rinsing it as well. Alternately, if you don’t have baking soda on hand, you can always use salt or vinegar to break it down.

• Removing lime of calcium can be done with relative ease. Just soak a towel in vinegar, then wrap it around the affected faucet. Let it stay like that overnight, then you’ll be able to wipe it off and rinse it to perfection again.

• Removing mold and mildew requires a mix of borax and vinegar in equal quantities. You can scrub the area with a brush or a sponge, then rinse it with water. The mix of borax and vinegar must be made into a paste. You can apply that on tough mold areas, then let it sit there for about an hour before rinsing.Atlanta Green Cleaning

Guest post granted on behalf of: http://www.endoftenancycleaning.org.uk/professional-cleaners/W2-cleaning-agency-bayswater.html

Alternative cleaning methods that may make sense in your home

Alternative Cleaning Atlanta

If you feel like the ways in which you clean are a little old hat, or you are wondering if there are different ways to do things, to speed up the process and make things easier, then you may well be right! Advances in technology, and reexamining the ways in which people did things in the past are both leading to people doing things differently in the home, and getting great results. If you are wondering about some of the different ways in which you could be cleaning your home, then you are in luck, as there are details of a few of them below!

Steam cleaning is one method of cleaning that is particularly rare in households around Britain. If you were wondering if there is a method for getting your house spotless without using too much chemical cleaner, then this is the method for you. The steam cleaning process uses extremely high temperatures and blasts steam at the surface, using a hand held appliance. The heat and pressure from the steam will break down the adhesive properties of dirt and grease, leaving the surface free for you to wipe down easily. The best thing is that you only need water to use, no more buying expensive and harmful chemical cleaning products! The issue of course is that in the place of cleaning products, you have to use a little more electricity. There may also be issues in terms of the sizes of steam cleaner that you want to get, as floor cleaning units will be too big for surfaces, and vice versa! However, as a way of sanitizing your home without too much effort, nor harmful substances, steam cannot be beaten!

Looking back in history, you will notice that cleaning has been going on for a long time, even before the chemicals that we use to clean today were discovered or invented! Back then, people relied on soap and acidic solutions to clean, and these can be used today! There is very little that cannot be cleaned with soap, whether a bucket of warm water lathered up with liquid soap for the floors, or a little dab of washing up liquid on the sponge as you wipe down the kitchen after use. You don’t really need pricy household cleaning products if you can use soap! Of course, you may need to use a little more elbow grease if you are reducing the harshness of the chemicals in your home, in which case you may want something that is similarly useful, but not too damaging to the environment or your health…Alternative cleaning Atlanta

Lemon and vinegar are great examples of this, and they are also fairly cheap and easily available. The acidic properties of both make them excellent for degreasing surfaces, and ridding your house of grime. Lemon will also leave you with a wonderful fresh scent that ensures that the house feels wonderfully clean at all times! Combining these two with products like salt and baking soda will mean that you are perfectly set to get the whole house cleaned without having to buy anything else! The carbonated nature of baking soda, and the abrasive mineral aspect of salt will help tackle the tougher parts of the house with more force than just the vinegar and lemon alone. You will find that there are thousands of recipes online as to how you can utilize these products in different ways for various different jobs.

For further tips: http://www.sofacleaners.org.uk/W1-cleaning-services-westminster/cleaning-companies-W1.html

Why is steam cleaning a great way to clean?


Steam Cleaning AtlantaSteam cleaning whether it’s done by the novice at home or the professional cleaning agency is a great way to clean and freshen up the home.
There are many benefits for using this method of cleaning over conventional methods however, some people just prefer to roll up their sleeves, grab the rubber gloves and get stuck in so, it’s down to personal preference whether or not you feel it is for you!

Here are the main reasons why steam cleaning, is the way to go!
• Steam cleaning is completely natural as you only need water.
• Cost effectiveness comes from not having to keep buying regular cleaning agents.
• No harmful chemicals which are often found in regular cleaning products, means they are the safer way to clean.
• No residue is left on surfaces which can sometimes happen with detergents.
• No harsh chemicals means = no stains on clothing, so you can wear what you want to do it.
• Steam kills most bacteria’s such as e-coli, salmonella and listeria, bonus!
• Steam cleaning is the eco-friendly way to clean your home!
• Forget one off applications, this method keeps going and has multi-purpose uses!

How does it actually clean, if it’s only steam?
Most dirt and grime sticks to surfaces like glue, the steam manages to melt this and then the substance is easily wiped away.
(Unless the core of the problem is melted away, you could be scrubbing or moving around dirt instead of actually removing it!)

How does it work?
Clean water is put into the steam cleaner and the heating element within boils the water to create steam. The steam will disperse from a hose or nozzle and there is usually some kind of cleaning tool provided. This ongoing system will continue to produce steam until the water level drops to below minimum and needs refilling again.Atlanta Steam Cleaning

What can I clean with a steam cleaner?
Steam cleaners have multi uses and can be used on almost anything that is water friendly. Cleaning contractors tend to use them for cleaning sofas, upholstery, carpets, windows and wall tiles when hired to clean a home. This could be useful for any landlord or tenant who is moving out and needs to clean the property before handing back the keys.
Other uses include;
Mirrors, curtains, blinds, hearths, painted surfaces, cookers and hobs, bathrooms suites etc.
Or you may use it to remove wrinkles and creases from fabrics, pet hairs, jewellery, car dashboards, barbeques etc.
The list goes on!

Anything else I should know?
If you are considering buying a steam cleaner it’s probably best to know that price varies depending on the type of model you get. Example some heat up within 30 seconds whereas, other could take 30 minutes.
Tool attachments may vary depending on how expensive you go. The cheaper models may have fewer attachments included.
Mobility is another important factor as some are designed to be handled easily and are lightweight whereas others could be heavier to manoeuvre, similar to what professional cleaning companies use.
Think about the size of the model and bare this in mind when considering where you will be going to store the steamer.
Some steamers are pressurised and others non-pressurised, however, we don’t feel there is significant difference between the two because once the handle is released so is the pressure (it’s not a constant flow of pressure) and it will need to be built up again. It’s probably better to go with what you can afford rather than what appears to be better as both are good enough for home cleaning.

Article kindly supplied on behalf of: http://www.endoftenancycleaninglondon.com/blog/eco–friendly-cleaning-in-your-home.html

Baking Soda Green Cleaning Guide

Green Cleaning AtlantaAlthough harsh cleaners can get the job done, a lot of people do their best to avoid using hazardous chemicals and for a good reason. Much of the commercial cleaning products may cause allergy issues for sensitive individuals and children. There are several ways to go around them, replacing them with other products like vinegar, lemon juice and so forth, however this article will focus on cleaning tips with baking soda in mind:

• It’s a good idea to keep a container of baking soda on hand near the bathtub. Whenever you take a bath you should use the chance to use a bit of the baking soda to clean the walls near your shower. You can keep your space clean and you won’t have to deal with toxic chemicals. You won’t have to clean your bathroom at a separate time, getting yourself wet again if you follow this routine.

• You should avoid the toxicity of bleach by using baking soda to scrub down your sink, toilet and bath tub. You won’t have to deal with corrosive liquids or harsh, choking fumes while you work and the results will be pretty much the same in the end.

• You can sprinkle a ¼ cup of baking soda into the bowl when you flush your toilet once in a while. Give it a good scrub and then flush to rinse it completely. You will have great results without smelly chemicals.

• Baking soda has a great effect in removing mildew buildup on porcelain sinks. It can also remove and cut the grease off your stove, help clean laundry and many other uses not related to cleaning as well.

• There are many uses for baking soda, however most of them can be concentrated in the kitchen. Whenever you spill grease or you have grease splatters on your counters or stoves, you can sprinkle baking soda on top. Let it stand like that for a couple of minutes, then simply brush it off and throw it away without any resulting mess. You can also use baking soda for your kitchen sink, as it is capable of removing any buildups regardless of the material the sink is made of. Use a damp sponge with the soda and you’ll have a chance to wash all that away and down the drain.

• The most important thing to remember about baking soda is that it is very good at absorbing moisture, so you should learn to store it in an airtight container so it will last longer.Natural Cleaners Atlanta

• Cleaning stainless steel is very easy with a mix of baking soda and water made into a paste. Just rub it on and it will easily strip the grease away with very little effort involved.

• You can remove unpleasant odors from you home and your carpets by sprinkling some baking soda on it. Leave it like that for about an hour before vacuuming and you will see the results for yourself as all scents get neutralized.

For further tips, visit: http://www.carpetupholsterycleaners.org.uk/kensington-carpet-cleaning-prices/W8-cleaning-services-kensington.html

Eco-friendly cleaning techniques

Eco- Friendly Cleaning Atlanta

If you are concerned about the planet like you should be then you will want to ensure that you are not contributing to its demise with the way in which you clean. You will find that there are many ways in which cleaning and the products that it uses can be harmful to the environment, so have a look at the following to work out how you can up your game and do your bit for planet earth.

1. Chemical cleaners.
Your cleaning company will be using the cleaning products that you have in the house in most instances, so you need to think about what you buy, and what each chemical cleaner does to the planet. The harmfulness of the chemicals in many household cleaning products can be seen on the rear of the bottles, with scary words like ‘irritant’ and large ‘X’ characters on the labels. You need to ensure that the chemicals that you flush in to the water systems are not harmful. Many of the cleaning products that people regularly use are more harmful for humans than the dust itself, so look into less chemically based cleaning products.

2. Eco cleaners.
Eco-cleaning products will be a great way to reduce the harmful nature of the chemicals you use. They tend to be made up of minerals and plant extracts which have great cleaning qualities whilst also being completely natural, and non-dangerous. The bottles are made from recycled plastic, and can be refilled to prevent plastic going on to the landfill sites that are clogging up landscapes all over the earth. For a slightly stranger solution, you can use lemon, vinegar and baking soda for your domestic cleaning, as these will form extremely effective cleaning solutions which will clean the whole house in an eco friendly way. Your cleaner will think you’re mad when you hand them a jar of vinegar and baking soda, but it will get a drain unblocked in no time! Try leaving vinegar of taps to get rid of limescale, or wiping down a surface with a lemon; it all works!

3. Equipment
How sustainably sourced is your mop? Most cleaning products are made from flimsy plastic, and are extremely bad for cleaning with because they break all the time. In many ways, these cheap options will cost you a lot more than buying more expensive, sturdier items. You will find that wood and metal products like buckets, brushes, mops and dustpans that are produced in Britain can be found, and that means that there has been less carbon dioxide emitted in getting them to you, which prevents further damage to the ozone layer. The production of plastics, combined with the throw-away nature of modern consumerism is resulting in serious damage to the planet, and it needs to be stopped. When whales are being washed up on beaches with guts full of plastic from off shore dumping grounds, you know there is a problem.

4. Attitude.
If you are always thinking about the planet then you are more likely to prevent yourself from doing wasteful or dangerous things. Simply being a little thrifty with the way in which you clean, and using old rags that can be re-washed rather than thrown away for landfill will ensure that you are not further contributing towards the epidemic that is happening. You will need to be sure that you understand the origins of all of the things that you use, and to ensure that your cleaning company are following suit and using the right materials.Eco Friendly Cleaning Atlanta

Guest post, granted on behalf of: http://www.cleanerscleaning.org.uk/N1-domestic-cleaning/islington-clean-house-N1.html

Environmentally friendly cleaning is important

Enviromentally Friendly cleaning Atlanta 

Most people in the world are aware of the deteriorating nature of the environment. However, due to the way in which we tend to live our lives, it seems that no one is really that prepared to get on with anything that will get in the way of their day to day, even if it does mean helping to save the planet for future generations. You will find that by changing the way that you do things, you can cut out a lot of the harmful parts of your day to day, and therefore contribute a little towards getting the human race back on track. Unfortunately, it will take millions of people to be doing the same to have a greater impact, but if you don’t start, then who will?

Kicking the traits of lazy human beings into a system of action starts with the home, and cleaning is a great example of a ‘throwaway’ culture where humans refuse to work a little harder than they need to. Taking a look at the ways in which you clean, and the things that you could do to reduce the impact that they have on the environment will give you a great point from which to change the other harmful processes in your life. There are two main aspects to cleaning that make them bad for the planet. One is the matter of ‘throwing away’ things so regularly, and the other is the nature of the materials that you use in cleaning, from plastics to bleaches, and how they affect the planet.

For a start, how regularly do you throw away things that you clean with? Kitchen towels, used up sponges, J-cloths are all part of the regular cleaning utensils that people use to get their homes looking and feeling great. Cleaning is important, but it need not be done in such a wasteful manner. You will find that by reducing the amount that you throw away, the more that you save. Why not use flannels that are washable and reusable, rather than paper towels or sponges that have a three day life span? There is a huge amount of grease and gunk involved in cleaning, so it is no surprise that these cleaning products are chucked, as they cannot be cleaned themselves! If you want to be really resourceful, you could cut up old towels and clothes that would be thrown away, to make a variety of cleaning rags that can be washed in the machine over and over, reducing the production of papers and plastics, and also reducing the amount in landfill sites.Environmentally friendly cleaning Atlanta

Chemicals are a great strain on the earth. The harmful components of many household cleaners are as much a danger to your body as they are to the delicate eco systems that thrive on the water ways that you flush them in to. The increases in dangerous chemicals in streams can kill off whole food chains, upsetting the balances of life in the animals, fish, birds and insects that live in those areas. The demise of bees is predicted to have devastating effects on the human race, as they provide such an important part of the natural order of the planet, so what else are you killing every time you flush bleach down the toilet? Using more natural products like vinegar, lemon and baking soda can reduce the impact that the chemicals used in your house have on the environment. You will no doubt find that they are just as effective, and a lot cheaper than those in the supermarket as well!

For further helpful tips, visit: http://uphosterycleaning.co.uk/domestic-cleaning/

Slightly strange cleaning tips and tricks


House Cleaning AtlantaWhen it comes to cleaning the house, there are the set ways in which everyone seems to get their place sorted. Household cleaners come in various shapes and sizes, but will all contain similar ingredients, and do the same job. If you can break away form these cleaners, then you may well find that you save a lot of money as well as reduce your impact on the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals that you flush into the water table. Essentially, the best way to be cleaning without these chemical cleaners tends to revolve around using natural products that have certain cleaning properties. Lemon and vinegar for instance contain high levels of acid, that eat away at dirt, but tend to be gentle enough to leave most surfaces unharmed. Baking soda is carbonated when wet, which makes the cleaning action more vigorous, adding energy to the chemical reactions involved in breaking down the dirt’s bonds. Cheap cola is also highly acidic and when left for a while can take the rust off of a nail, leaving it shiny, which is great for cleaning, but terrible news for your teeth if you are a cola fan! Have a look through the following tips and tricks that use some outlandish products, and see if there are any that may help you clean in a different way to usual…

In the kitchen, you can replace your surface cleaner with two parts lemon, one part vinegar and dilute if you like. The vinegar and lemon cut through grease, and disinfect surfaces, killing germs on contact. This is a natural and friendly way to get rid of germs that is just as effective as any chemical cleaner.Atlanta Natural Cleaning
If you have a lot of limescale clogging up your kettle, then chuck the used up chunks of lemon from other cleaning used into it, and fill the rest up with water so that all of the limescale is covered. Once you have boiled it, leave the solution to do it’s work over night, and you should find that you can rinse the limescale out!
The same technique works for microwaves! If you are tired of scraping about to clean the inside of your microwave, then place a cup full of water and lemon juice in there and cook on high for a minute. The acidic evaporation will degrease the interior walls of the machine, making it really easy to clean!
The bathroom has many areas that are particularly difficult to clean, and one of the worst are the taps! You will find that taping a bag full of vinegar around the tap and leaving it over night will leave your taps easy to wipe clean. They will sparkle extremely easily, as the acid breaks down the limescale, much like the lemon in the kettle!
Baking soda and lemon forms a great cream cleaner for the bath, as does adding vinegar.
Try pouring cola down the toilet and leave it for half an hour before you give it a scrub with a toilet brush and flush it. You should find that it shines up nicely! Use neat vinegar around the surfaces of the toilet as a softer but effective bleach, which will kill the nasty germs about it!
Try pouring vinegar, baking soda and boiling water down a blocked plughole; the fizzy action combined with the acid and heat will shift tough blockages easily!
Baking soda and vinegar with a little lemon on a toothbrush, like toothpaste, will get your bathroom grouting looking great!
Try it today, you will be extremely surprised!

Guest post provided by: http://www.london-cleaners.org.uk/blog/ease-the-pressure-with-alternative-cleaning-methods.html


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